Saturday, 9 July 2011

When Inspiration Strikes

"Stung by the Splendor of sudden thought."
– Robert Browning
As many authors will tell you, even when they’re not physically writing, they’re still doing so in their heads and are thinking about plot-lines, characters and searching for that next great story. 
During my trek along the Macmillan Way West, I came across this small caravan in the middle of nowhere by a stream. Immediately ideas began whizzing through my head: who lived there, what happened to them, and why did they live miles from anywhere? Before I knew it I had the concept for a full blown story coming together. If nothing else, it’s a good example of why as a writer it’s a good idea to get away from my desk sometimes. Just remember, you never know where you may find the inspiration for that next great story.
Now where’s my pen?

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