"I am a being of Heaven and Earth, of thunder and lightning, of rain and wind, of the galaxies."
— Eden Ahbez
Dom lives with his mom in Tornado Alley, where twisters used to be a way of life. After a year long drought, the family diner is about to go bust and Dom feels trapped, torn between supporting his mother and the urge to escape. Even his relationship with best friend Jules is beginning to prickle with feelings he doesn’t want.

When the first twister in months appears from nowhere and an airship emerges from the spout, Dom’s world is turned upside down. Its pilots are explorers who make Dom an offer beyond his imagination. But the pilots are hiding a terrible secret. Can Dom uncover the truth and make the right decision before everything he cares for is destroyed?


Here is the first trailer from Cloud Riders for one of the main characters – Jules.

Here is the second trailer from Cloud Riders for the main character – Dom.

Here is the final trailer from Cloud Riders for one the main characters – Angelique.

And here is me reading an extract from the book.

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